Eliven Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

NEETI’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)  is a comprehensive solution for managing laboratory operations in healthcare organizations. Our LIMS is designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and communication in the laboratory,  providing a secure and reliable platform for managing laboratory data and workflows.

Our Laboratory Information Management System provides the following features and benefits:

Our LIMS automates the laboratory workflows,  reducing manual processes and improving efficiency.

Our LIMS provides real-time sample tracking, ensuring that samples are not lost or misplaced during the testing process.

Our LIMS provides a centralized platform for managing laboratory data,  allowing for easy access to data and the ability to generate customizable reports.

Our LIMS integrates with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems,  allowing laboratory data to be easily accessed and shared with healthcare providers.

We can help Interface our LIMS to your Laboratory Analysers.

At NEETI,  we understand the critical role that laboratories play in the healthcare system. Our Laboratory Information Management System is designed to improve laboratory operations and data management, reducing errors, and improving patient outcomes.

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